at last something a little 3D


  IMG_2114_resizethis is a tiny little fold out book, supplied by the gorgeous Beks was to be made up for random exchange to celebrate Paper Trader's 3rd Anniversary.  IMG_2102_resizeIMG_2115_resizeIMG_2110_resizeIMG_2117_resizeIt's a lovely little thing (not much bigger than about 2" square) but it stumped me for some time.   I ended up using on of my own journal pages, reduced WAY down, for the main image.  The birds on the outside come from a vintage ship menu from 1950's.  What looks like murky distressing, is actually moonglow, and looks much nicer in real life.  The verse I used is well known - 

Use what talent that you have
The woods would be very silent
If no birds sang there
Except those that sung best

Mine is off to lucky Melanie in USA – I hope she likes it.


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