taking the time to stop and dance



A rich person is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least.
— "Interview with God" (author unknown)

I have been spending a bit of time with The Princess lately & she has a penchant at the moment to just impulsively stop when she hears music playing and start dancing, regardless of where ever she happens to be at the time. No inhibitions, no thoughts of being embarrassed, or that it is inappropriate for where she is at the time!  Talk about fun – complete strangers are stopping their Christmas rush to watch the pure joy of this toddler with her hands raised – twirling round – singing nothing in particular at the top of her lungs!  (someone suggested she was so entertaining we should put out a hat!! LOL!!) We have often heard, and sometimes even said that the REAL meaning of Christmas is something other than the gifts - but interestingly, it is not until now, faced with the prospect of literally not having anything much to give this Christmas I have been feeling very challenged.  It's okay to say gifts are not the real meaning when your tree is burgeoning with gifts, but what about when it isn't IMG_0065_resizeand when there is not going to be anything much under the tree?  I usually buy for Christmas all year – so my Christmas shopping is usually done by the end of October or so, and it's just a case of pulling out the many bags and parcels I have tucked away with all of the things that I have bought during the year, & marking off my list.  Some years there are a few gaps to fill, but I usually have things left over that I carry over for birthdays and unanticipated gift giving through the year.  This year – there has been no extra – all year – so there has been none of the gradual gift buying through the year.  This year – that's what we have – the left over's from last year.  I am not crying poor, or asking for anything – this is a REALLY necessary lesson for my SOUL – and there are MANY people in DIRE STRAITS this year – I feel for them deeply and despite our own circumstances, still intend to create a food hamper for some local people in need that we know of…… so I just was going to share with you some of the things that I am doing to have a Christmas with very little money to spend. 

I have written personal letters to each of my children, sharing some of my heart and telling them things that I love about them.  I have written them on really special paper & embellished the envelopes, as I am hoping that they will keep them for the future, when I am not here to tell them these things.  

I have cooked them each a christmas cake & made them home made bottles of my famous salad dressing and MY grandmother's lemon cordial.  Which are some of their favourites.

I have made 'photo' fridge magnets for the babies with all of the relatives on them & other things significant in their lives. (Nonna's House; Daddy's Car, Poppa's BBQ, etc)

I have made each of the girls and DIL a heavy duty shopping bag as in Oz you are now having to pay extra for 'plastic' shopping bags at many stores. 

It's not a lot financially, but they are meaningful gifts – and hopefully significant


Sticky Note Experiment by EepyBird from Eepybird on Vimeo.

this is tooooooo wild to hardly imagine it actually happening………hmmmmm……..I wonder what 280,000 sticky notes would cost!


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  1. The Sticky note video was awesome…thanks for sharing.
    And more importantly, thanks for sharing the insight on Christmas. All of your gifts sound personal and lovely. Oh, I would love to have a letter from my Mother telling how she felt about me. Since I lost her the thing I miss most are her encouraging words. I think you have caught the true meaning of Christmas in your heartfelt gifts. I know we are only giving small gifts of things they actually need this year. I think it is tight for everyone.

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