African-Girl-web  I used an old photograph c. 1920 to do today's face of the day.  I am a bit stuck on the 'colourfix' paper at the moment, but have TERRIBLY sore fingers where the soft tips have been 'rubbed' away from the tooth on the paper, while blending in colours.  Again, this doesn't look quite like the image that I used - it doesn't look childish enough – in the picture the girl looked somewhere around 8 or 10 years old.  I am working on some 'gypsy' drawings tonight for my next 'tip-in' obligation, which is brightly coloured & a bit of fun.  IS there ANYONE else travelling through some painfully slow process of learning like this????  TALK TO ME – PLEASE! Some days I see progress and others (to quote my dear art friend Charlene) – I want to chuck the whole mucking fess into the BIN!

I have been offered the opportunity to return to study next year, majoring in drawing & printmaking.  I was absolutely terrified presenting my folio of drawings at the interview however I recieved really positive feedback and was offered a place on the spot (which I was told was practically unheard of).  I have been living with some stress related physical issues that at times severely limit my mobility, so hopefully, with something positive to look forward to, it will be onward & upward, & the pain will settle.


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