Inspired (as always) by NINA


After a week of drawing the same image over & over it was a lovely 'break' to draw Nina Seagullsomething a little less common for me.  In the online world – there are plenty of amazing artists, each with special talents and skills who spend alot of time sharing & encouraging others.  One place that I always feel especially inspired is Nina Bagley's blog – Ornamental  .  I always loved Nina's blog, even before I met her, (in May this year) but now that I have met her – it's like she is talking to me, personally, when I read her posts……….and I KNOW that lots of others feel the same way, cos she always has a squillion comments…….. It's not just her art, it's her words, her photographs and her unique way of presenting nature's beauty at it's fragile best.  Despite us two working in totally different mediums – Nina is an artist that constantly inspires me to do more & to think with my heart & to live with my whole soul.  Recently Nina participated in a tutor's retreat at Ocracoke, a little peninsula located at the most southern tip of North Carolina's Outer Banks in USA.  The island itself sits 26 miles off the mainland coast – so I am not sure whether you are getting the picture – it's a little remote place….and seemingly a little desolate………. but of course, as always, Nina has managed to capture the beauty of the barenness & austerity in her own special way.  Her photos always inspire me, but her shots taken at Ocracoke particularly spoke to me & inspired me to art.   I LOVED this picture of a solitary gull (they are usually come in droves in Oz – especially if there is any food around) & really wanted to transform it into art in some way or another.  I chose pastels on colourfix paper…..& here are the results…….NINA's-lonely-gull-web photograph above is owned by Nina Bagely and has been used and reproduced with her permission.


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