The Quest for Progress


A week or so ago when I did my first Rubenesque-B-web'RubenesqueRubenesque-web' I feel really frustrated that although I was happy with how the end result of my drawing & painting looked – it didn't actually look that much like the original.  I have spent this whole week on a quest to make progress on my powers of observation & to improve the likeness of my 'copy' of this great master's work.   Drawing the same image over & over – DH says that the last one is the best – which kinda suggests that all of the practice has been worth it and ONE more attempt and I'd nail it – but I am really over this girl for now – I need to do something else at least for one evening.   I started out on watercolour paper using watercolour & chalks – then I moved to just chalks on colourfix paper (coloured paper sized for chalk drawings)       Rubenesque-D-web   Rubenesque-C-web










THIS IS THE REFERENCE IMAGE THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING FROM (obviously just the upper half)  I have spent considerable time this evening trawling through countless websites to try to get some specific information about this piece of work, however without success.  It has the non descript name of 'Woman's Head and Right Hand!' – so it doesn't tie it to any particular piece of finished art – or whether it was a piece of finished art in itself – although practices of the day suggest not….. it was typical to complete sketch studies to prepare for a larger, or more complex work.   One site describes it as oil on canvas which surprised me, it doesn't have that appearance at all – but you never know just looking at it electronically.  Peter Paul Rubens art career was fascinating & well worth a read if you have the time.


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