life at TWO


IMG_1913_resize Our darling little grandbaby 'Special T' is TWO – wow – where did those TWO years go???  TWO year olds are SO busy and this is why 48 yo's don't have them.  Here is our little man, both Nonna and Poppa's pride and joy- starting up his scaled working toy chainsaw – just like Daddy's.  He was SO excited and of course everything instantly needed trimming!  LOL!!  Accompanied by his gardening tools and work apron and gloves, he immediately needed to leave the birthday celebrations to join the call of the great outdoors. IMG_1976_resize His cousin -' The Princess ' was equally excited and was very keen to 'help' with the candles on the birthday cake and 'share' all of the birthday boy's presents.  I must say, sharing doesn't come so easily to her – however 'Special T' was very gracious and was happy to share his new 'In The Night Garden' crockery.  Life is special at TWO – there are 'fairy clocks' (dandilion heads) to find and blow, flowers to pick and veges to water……..there are 'babies' (dolls) that need to be fed and walked in the pram and there are 'trees' that have to be cut down… OH – AND OF COURSE!  Nonna's Christmas tree to decorate! And yes – at last 'The Princess' has some HAIR! (carrying on the family tradition of nothing much appearing until about TWO – then IMG_1730_resizeeventually cultivating hair that is thick & wavy & needs regular shearing!


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  1. Your grandchildren are adorable. My two older sisters both had babies in their 40’s, one had her first and only at 43, and another had her first and only at 45! I am 45 now and I couldn’t do it.

  2. What a fun and special day you’ve had. I can see the Princess is really beginning to resemble her grandmum! She has your fabulous cheekbones and pert little nose =)

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