I know, I know – it’s terrible


Christmas-Belle-webI know – I know – my blog looks TERRIBLE at the moment – I have had to down grade my typepad package to a cheaper one & there are a whole lot of restrictions I now have to consider with design.  Bear with me while I jiggle it a bit and work out how to make it look better………I KNOW this isn't it!  Here's something nice to look at……..Oriental-Christmas-web a couple of my Christmas faces for some of my art friends.  I am moderately computer literate as far as a user goes, but the whole website & blogging thing sometimes does my head in – I know just enough to be dangerous – but not enough to get myself out of trouble!  LOL!!  It just seems like SUCH a waste of time spending so MUCH time trying to sort this out when I COULD be making art!!!


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  1. Considering all your frustration…..I still think you’re doing a great job~! Your art is what we enjoy – not how “cool” you’ve made your blog!
    You’re right, sometimes making art seems more enjoyable then the planning and preperation of posting it…but something to think about….that’s the artist in all of us, isn’t it? To share our creations. To bring some sort of enjoyment or connection to others. (and I’ll say it again – your work is what we enjoy!)

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