Noodles, Feet, Onions & Mysteries of the Deep


Ms-Christmas-web      More Christmas – I can show you this one as it has already been recieved – & a recent Face of the Day…..Miss Sunshine & Happiness.  These are some more of my every day drawings – 2 Miss-Sunshine-&-Happiness-wcurrent challenges – Noodles and Toes & 2 catch up challenges – Vegetables and a Book. (I am up to #30 – so only 160 to go!) I have just completed the current challenge for this week titled – 'Lucky', but it is still drying & you will have to wait until tomorrow to see that.  The Vegetables – onions & garlic I did 198-Noodles-webwith c199-Toes-weboloured pencils, however the book I did with watercolour paint to get some better movement & flow in it.  The best thing about coloured pencils is the control you can achieve, although as I have mentioned before, once they are wet, you do end up with the striation marks from the lead.  This didn't matter for the onions & garlic, in fact it suited it quite well.  The idea for the book worked out better in my head than it did on paper & IF this were a canvas or in an art journal that I had some flexibility with thickness – I would certainly cover this over…..I love my book – but the additions were a bit much – I should have left well enough alone!  027-Book-web026-Vegetables-web


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  1. These are great. Save me looking in your archives – are you part of the everyday art matters challenge? I just printed off their first 200 challenges, so I am way behind, hehe. You have a huge headstart on me.

  2. Awesome… I love watching your drawing talent grow and I am so proud of you for sticking with it! I think I am too easily frustrated by my shortcomings but you are such an inspiration to me =)
    Love the new header, by the way!

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