Totally Inspired


Old-Time-Dreaming-web WOW – WHAT A MOVIE - as I posted last time I was off to see the movie Australia & it was FABULOUS.  Great story, believable characters, some sad home truths (I was ashamed of the treatment to our Indigenious people depicted in the film).  Like any good film – there was both tragedy & triumph – love lost & love gained.  Although it's cast is flanked with famous Australian actors, I felt that the key child role of a small mixed race Aboriginal boy stole the show……. and his grandfather ('King George' an Aboriginal tribal elder – played by David Gulpilil) was my fav. I guess for anyone that hasn't ever been here – it gives some sense of the enormity of the Outback & the Top End of Australia.  Our land is incredibly huge… and sometimes people don't realize just how HUGE.  OF COURSE I had to come home & try to capture 'something' of what I had just seen – I came back with pages of scribbles made in the dark (hmmmm….that's what I really do in movies!)  This is my 'Old Time Dreaming' – he's a bit 'sanitized' looking which really was not my intention, and DH says he is too smily – however, I felt a little limited by using watercolour as a medium and perhaps will have another go in a couple of days using acrylics……..where I can build up some layering & colours in a way I can't achieve yet (I don't even know if it is possible) with watercolours.  I have a dear friend who loves tribal stuff, & I had been wondering what to do her for Christmas  & this will be perfect for her.

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