FotD-121108-web I have often regreted that Australia doesn't have a day just to be thankful.  We have a harsh land, one that is unforgiving, is tolerant of the 'battlers' (those a bit down on their luck) and intolerant of 'tall poppies' (sad but true)  This has been a difficult year for us and I have to say that at times it is difficult to see past the black.  This year is a year when things are really stripped back to 'bare bones' as we would say in Oz – down to what's really important to your whole being.  This year I am thankful for:

  1. TRUE friends (which everyone knows are only revealled in tough times)
  2. simple pleasures (every night the sun paints me a new canvas viewed from my front verandah – it is NEVER the same, and I have watched for 17 years)
  3. my faith (I KNOW in whom I have believed – 2 Tim 1:12)IMG_5818_resize




moving on a little from there – I am a little behind with my drawing, getting caught up with Christmas favours & gifts at the moment.  These are a couple of recent every day challenges…..a rope and a remote (as I remarked when I posted it – it was the longest time that I have ever spent with the remote as DH believes they are divinely ordained for the man of the house!)

196-Rope-web  197-Remote-Control-web



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