partidges in pear trees


this weekend saw the culmination of a couple of months work as I collated a whole lot of bits & pieces I had prepared for my IMG_1314_resize'partridges in pear trees' for a Christmas gift exchange.  You saw the watercoloured cards I did a couple of weeks ago – well – they were to go with these little treasures.  Firstly I created a pattern for these little felt partridges.  After trialling several design shapes & styles, I settled on this look & went about making them.  They are only about 1.5" long and tall, so as you could imagine – it was pretty fine work creating them.  They are embroidered with my own hand dyed threads and gold filament. After I had made all my little partridges, I needed a IMG_1324_resize'truckload' of pears & some leaves for 'pear trees'.  Fortunately I was able to pick up some quite small ones, already cut from chipboard – first I painted them in ochre & then sponged on moss green, so they had a yellowy green look, but I wanted them to be extra special - so I also added gold leaf.  After painting the leaves with several colours of acrylics – they had a little dust of Moon Glow so that they didn't feel like the 'wall flowers' next to the golden pears!  I made labels & tags, lined the boxes – more Moon Glow – more IMG_1310_resizewalnut ink….TIME to assemble the trees & add the pears & in some of them – leaves and leave to dry – NEXT – oooooooo…. then I made lovely wrapping paper for them to be wrapped in.  I used some of my lovely pear stamps – NOT Christmassy – but all about the PEARS!!  Then sprayed with Moon Glow & Walnut ink.  The colours I used for this project were Burnt Umber IMG_1419_resize(which has a rusty red shimmer) and Desert Moon Tumbleweed Sage (which has an olive green tinge)  Both of these tones are really subtle – but I was ACHING to use 'bucket o'blood red' - it's divine!   I DESPARATELY wanted to have 'brown paper packages tied up with string' however our post office people (whom I MIGHT add are not REMOTELY friendly or helpful to someone who regularly sends and recieves overseas parcels) REALLY frowns on string, protesting that it gets caught in their sorting machines and 'COULD' delay the parcel – can you see the luminous sparkles????  It's the Moon Glow – I SWEAR I IMG_1414_resizeshould buy shares in that company – I LOVE this product! (see IMG_1381_resizeProduct Info

& Reviews to learn about Moon Glow).  Then it was time to 'build' the nests for my little partridges.  I used some old chicken coup IMG_1398_resizewire from dearest Jenene (thanx J - more supplies needed now please!  LOL!!!)  I used a domed bottle top to create a cupped shape & shreaded a whole lot of fibres that our little birdie might have collected along the way.  THEN – finally – time to put it all together – each one is different and has it's own unique watercoloured card.  Thanks to all the others that participated - it was a big effort, but I know it will be a fun time recieving the parcels from the other artists in return.  IMG_1379_resize


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  1. So much detail in these little beauties! I can imagine the shimmer from the Moonglow as I have a little penchant for these too….have you tried Jack in the Pulpit Teal??? It’s spectacular!!!

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