catching up on drawing challenges


  022-woolly-jumper-web   025-Drinking-Glass-web 020-Something-Dad-web      023-My-Foot-web  021-Ancient-or-Antique-webthese are some of my catch up challenge drawings (for those that don't know the story – I have joined a drawing challenge group that had already posted 190 challenges when I joined – I am both playing catch up creating an archive of the past challenges, and keeping up with the current ones – so I am working in two books at once)  The book size that I am using is the small watercolour moleskine, & as I have so many to catch up, I am limiting myself to a 1/2 page spread for each challenge.  Consequently, a big part of the challenge is thinking of a different way to produce your 'capture' of your topic within a landscape orientation of approx 5in tall x 8in wide.  As it is a bound book that I am using – I don't want to add much texture or collage elements as I want to keep the book 'together' (ie not bulging from odds & sods I have added to pages)  I have also found in some of my hand bound journals that adding lots of texture throughout the book makes it a beast to work in as you get through the pages as you always have something misshappen underneath the surface you are working on.


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