ok – I’m back in the web world


Ok – I am back in the web world with STRICT instructions from 'web-boy' DO NOT TOUCH SETTINGS!  (scary man! LOL!)  It probably WON'T actually stop me from having a go – 'cos of course – I have to pay him every time he comes & 'tweeks' something for me so its a case of risk vs cost!!  Amazing how much art I got done while I didn't have the internet!  I must really spend more time on it than I realise – but then I love it – how else would I have met you fine folk???  In my absence – I have been 'tagged' by the very lovely Tami and Lucy both in the same week.  I am to tell you 6 quirky things about myself & tag 6 others.  So without trying to be too 'DEEP' (how unlike me!)…here goes……..

1. I love the sensation of leaving the ground when I am flyingBill-parrish-library-2
2. I rarely paint with a brush (except now that I am learning watercolours – I mostly do)
3. I am a book-a-holic and my dream house has a huge traditional two story style library (complete with wooden 'shelf' ladders – like the one that belongs to Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) in the film Meet Joe Black – whoa – now THAT's a LIBRARY! I find it VERY hard to throw out a book – particularly if it has become one of my friends along life's journey.
4. I am obsessive about the colour of things and it ALWAYS influences my buying decisions.  (my husband doesn't understand how this even figures in a car purchase, but I think that car manufacturers are starting to recognise this!)
5. I am attracted to soulful, old, imperfect objects, with a patina that only comes with age - I almost take on a responsibility for the heritage they hold.  I keep buying these sorts of things to alter – but then I can't bear to.
6. I like to view life through a lens & reflect on it later

The lucky people that I am tagging for this exercise are: the very clever Debbi Baker, my new art buddy Natalie, the abundantly resourceful Kelsey, the amazing Linda, the young & aspiring art of Dragon Baby and the VERY COLOURFUL & always inspiring Gaby

AND now – for some art –

Chalice-explained-web    Chalice web

I kinda touched on this subject a little at the start of my 'A Journey of the Soul' Seahorse-webjournal – the intangilble, almost etheral mix of factors required to 'create' and for your 'creative process'.  There are days it pours out of me – there are other days I can't STRAIN something out – I currently find myself with a list of 20 art 'obligations' (things that I am committed to participating in) and yet I don't want to work on any of them – I just want to draw at the minute………I am not feeling very 'painterly' lately – which is a little odd – 'cos i generally love the sensation of acrylics oooozing between my fingers…..anyways – I have lots of 'drawings' to share over the next couple of days….here's a little watercolour I did over the weekend….a 'thorny seahorse' with a bit of artistic colour license.


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  1. Dropped in to catch up on all that is Keron! Have seen LK’s TRUE VISION but not NATURE JOURNALS so, definitely adding them both to my wish list!
    This drawing challenge showcases your substantial talents, dear friend! Am especially enamored with your Compound Microscope, the owl, your vividly colored seahorse and there’s SOMETHING about the forks!
    You TAKE the time to share so much.. & I always enjoy my “virtual visit.” – vicki xo

  2. Thanks for the tag, Keron. Your seahorse is adorable. Love your drawings also. You really have great talent and great diversity.
    Every time I visit your blog, you inspire me with your creations.
    Have an artful day!
    Hugs to you

  3. Thanks for the tag, the seahorse is beautiful and I do love those colours! I also agree with the colour theory, I won't buy anything other than a white car! lol
    I take great delight in having a white board with my commitments listed and then being able to draw a big line through them as I complete them…makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere!

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