OK – I NEED TO STOP IMAGINING I UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF!!! LOL!!!  I have The_Red_FanFINALLY gotten a new iphone, I have been hanging out to get one, but I had to wait for my old phone contract to expire so that I could get it as part of my plan rather than buying it outright…..ANYWAYS – yesterday was the day and all excited I bought the baby home to PLAY with – in the process I have TOTALLY buggered up my wireless network at home & now have no internet on two computers.   AAAAGHHH!  Now I have to WAIT – at the mercy of 'web-boy' until he is able to get me all happening again – HENCE I am having an enforced little blogging break…..probably only for about 3 or 4 days as it is Friday here & it may not be until early next week til he gets here to fix up my mess…… oh – and the pic is for you – you might like to make something nice out of her.


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  1. After reading Lucy's post, this is what I wanted to let you know too, Keron, you've been tagged by me also! I don't mind if you copy your list from Lucy's into mine 🙂 Thank you in advance!

  2. Hi, Keron, thanks for the pretty image! I know you're waiting for your computer to get fixed, but if you could please write me back when you can I'd appreciate it. Thank you! Take care,

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