How did it get to be Christmas already????


Partridge-in-a-pear-tree-2-I got a bit of a shock yesterday – I haven't been out a real lot lately & when I went out yesterday - everywhere it's Christmas already.  The shops are decorated, cards and wrapping and tableware is prolific….. Surely we are dreaming – it cannot be that the year is almost gone…..yet its only 44 days away – wow – I SO don't feel ready to be 'merry & bright'…. I feel like I am stuck in February – the 22nd of February to be exact!  That day, this year, changed my world and life as I knew it then & I am still recovering…..working at getting on…….. now I am kinda stuck, after a really significant setback……..nothing is good enough to complete anymore, every project carries with it an inert fear of failure that becomes paralizing - I LOVE the journey, the passion and challenges of creation, the euphoric rush that comes from the 'hunter/gatherer' phase of putting an idea together – but the end result is scary. THAT'S where the wheels fall off – that's where I stall now. Which is why I changed my recent journal topic FIVE times – yes – I Partridge-in-a-pear-tree-1-actually have the beginnings of 3 other journals that I DIDN'T send (one of them was just a topic redirection), I have 6 unfinished paintings, 1 unfinished quilt, numerous projects for the 'grandies' - among all the other "almost-done" projects lurking in my studio. I love to look at them, they're quite nice and not a failure. . . yet.
I have bitten the bullet & started to paint some Christmas cards & here is my first offering.  Sadly, the colour has turned out ordinary in the scan, the are watercoloured, then worked up with H2O's & moonglow powders.  This makes them reflective for the scanner bulb & it has made them look luminous & has distorted the colours.  They are actually mid toned & the 'partridges' are NOT turquoise as they look here!  

Out of the blue (just when I was thinking I had lost all of my readers as I started working on my drawing skills) – Aileen has awarded me with an Arte y Pico award.  Premio+arte+y+pico

"Arte y Pico" is phrase that roughly translates in English to:"The Maximum. Wow. The best art. Over the top."

Here are The "rules" for the Arte y Pico award are: you name & link the person that gave it to you (the lovely Aileen) & you nominate 5 others for the award. (oh, AND list the awards)  I REALLY DO feel honoured at recieving this award at the moment, because I don't feel like I have created anything really special for a long time.  I AM persevering with my drawing though – and that is it's own challenge!  The challenge with picking only 'five' blogs is WHICH ones – a little while ago when I started 'building' my second blog for art journalling I really buggered up this one & lost all of my links in the side bar & haven't gotten them all back on yet – they are ones I visit pretty regularly & enjoy the work they do. I am attempting to list some that are currently influencing me & that you may not have visited from here before.  The artists I nominate for this award are:

Sara Lechner – I adore Sarah's work.  Her studio is to die for as well – but you get that!  I actually can't find the pics of where she had it posted – it's somewhere in her archives – it's just a fabulous space.

the others I have to share – not because these artists are unworthy in their own right – but each has a little part to play in my continuing drawing education….. there have been several artists whom I really feel inspired by to continue with my drawing including Borromini Bear; (fabulous detailer) Fred's Scratchings; (my constant believer & encourager - lovely Micky D breakfast dailies) Andrea (is that a photo?)Joseph; (I am in awe) Anita Davies (journals life so beautifully) and Karen Blados (wow) 

thanks everyone for your great work & your creative inspiration.


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  1. Well happy belated Birthday, what good timing 🙂
    Love your cards, Knowing how the photos don't capture the shimmer I know they're even more beautiful in person!
    Happy Creating!

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