on the face of things


FotD-061108-SELF-2-webI have been busy the last couple of days & nights creating a special assemblage on behalf of a dear friend for her mum's 70th birthday.  Silly me – I forgot to take a pic, but it's focal point is a dear little quilted shoe with a little satin rose on it.  The birthday girl wore it as a baby, so we are hoping it will be special for her to recieve it back from her daughter!  Re-invented so to speak!  Everytime I saw the self portrait I did a few days ago – I couldn't stand it – I had to try to make it better.  So you will see that I have had another go.(there is a photo of me in the sidebar a bit lower down if you want to compare)   Have managed to 'capture' my wild & woolly hair – I think that the eyes are ok – there's something not quite right around the 'character lFotD-051108-webines' and their implications for my mouth & the lower part of my nose – so there will be 'Take 3' – interestingly the first person to see it was The PrincessFotD-071108-web – who immediately said 'That's you Nonna' …… everyone else had to be told that it was a self portrait.  what's that about 'from the mouths of babes?????? LOL!!! This attempt is an improvement & I am not sure how to change it further now – so I might leave it a week or so & see how I feel about having another go.  The day before I drew my 'girl in red' – these kind of 'cute' but 'non descript' girls are getting a little boring so I thought I'd explore some other cultures.  My first go was this Polynesian woman.  I used Diox Purple & Raw Sienna for facial tones, which I know sounds a bit odd, but it worked ok. 


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  1. I have just spent a large part of my afternoon on your blog (and occasional trips out of it via links). I have recently discovered a love of painting and drawing for the first time thanks to Suziblu's workshop…and then Kelly Rae's book,Sharon's blog and now you. Your artwork has inspired me so much…I am now going to try other things. Thank you for your kind comment about my woodblock – I really appreciate that. Love these drawings, the owl is amazing and I adore the cutlery.
    I will be back!
    Linda Vincent

  2. I am not brave enough to try a self portrait, so firstly, bravo! As I don't know you in person I can't really comment on it. I love your portraits though, they are all very unique.

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