I am proud to be a human today


I realise that not every Front-cover-webone agrees with this man's politics – and there are some things that I am not keen on either – however I feel that he carries the blood of all of the martyrs that have paid with their lives for true equality & freedom.  As a student of history, I have always held the mistreatment and subjugation of African American people heavily in my heart, I feel proud, I feel as though as mankind – we have taken a huge leap into the future…. and it is not my politics!   In a 5 minutes to midnight decision – (actually – WAY past midnight  actually – (thanks for your patience J!) I have, coincidentally changed the direction of my RR Journal.  Unusual for me, the book is bound & the cover is sewn on.  It's made from 600lb Artistico Fabrico (yum!)  I have used a delicious palette of Golden paints: Diox Purple; Gold; Quinacidone Nickel Azo Gold (a firm fav) and black.  It is dramatic, but very tactile on the cold pressed paper. 
I will still finish my Star Cross'd Lovers – but not for a little while – I have made a whole lot of bits & pieces & haven't worked out how I am going to tie them together.  (how like me!) My new Journal is titled FREEDOM.  I have sent it off into the world with just double page spread – hoping that it will come back filled with amazing stories of martyrs & journeys made in the conquest to achieve freedom.  Dr Martin Luther King Jr has long been an inspiration to me & I was also a fan of Kennedy – not because they lived seamlessly perfect lives – because they believed in the good of mankind and they believed in thI-have-a-dream-RHS-webe possibility of change & the process of democracy.  I-have-a-dream-LHS-web  YES – WE CAN – and YES – they DID!

oh… & p.s. – the background of the page is Martin Luther King Jr's whole 'I have a Dream' speech written out long hand.


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