My first self portrait


I am still painting & drawing – but not much collage at the moment.  This is what I am 'into' right now & I am really enjoying the cathartic benefit of the soft watercolours & tone on tone graphite.  'THEY' say that you don't become serious about art until you have painted a self portrait.  I thought it was about time that I tried and apart from my messy hair & prominent wrinkles – this doesn't really look like me at all.  THIS girl looks like she has had a broken nose at some point!  I haven't – and she has a pounchy mouth/nose combo, which I don't & I don't quite know how to rectify.  When I showed it to my DH, I had to TELL him it was a self portrait – so there's obviously not much resemblance – he is SO over me showing him drawings & him feeling obliged to make comments! I might add that to my Face of the Day challenge & every now & then draw a self portrait, to try & judge my progress.  It's easier drawing no one specific, because if they turn out with a 'pounchy mouth' for example – well that's who they become, you work with that character…….but if you are drawing from life or from a photo, it's either right or wrong - a MUCH bigger challenge.Quincy's-Owl-web FotD-011108-web I have also done a small painting of an owl for a little artist friend who likes owls.  I have been collecting bit's & pieces for her for a while & wanted to make her a piece of my own art to send off with the parcel.  There is a lot of skill with keeping watercolour 'loose' and not 'overworking it' and I have a bit of a blot in my background from trying to 'fix' a little problem……hmmm…lots of practice needed…… to be sure, to be sure!  I have done the same thing with the writing behind the next drawing challenge.  Some of the writing turned out a bit light – so SILLY ME – tries to fix it!  I should have left it alone!  The inspiration from this was taken from a FABULOUS book I have called 'The English Archive'.  This book is like an old catalogue of all kinds of design items from chairs to wallpaper, & obviously – tableware – you should see the cup page – it's fabulous. (I'll be using THAT – sometime soon – but that's a whole other story!) I frequently refer to it for shape & ornamental reference when I am creating something & want some pattening or shape reference.  It's a firm fav.



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