a little acanthus


193-in-fine-detail-web  Just a quick post today as I am busy, busy, this is last week's drawing challenge – I forgot to post it – the challenge was to draw something 'in fine detail'.  I chose to detail an acathus leaf, something you'll see around a lot at the moment as it was a key motif of the Rocco styling that has come into revival over the last year or so – it is also the ornament

used in the Corinthian Order, as a decorative feature. The line work in this piece took ages to do as it was done with a .005 pen.  My 'working drawings' lecturer would be disgusted with my lettering, it's a bit all over the show!  All of the coverage of the US elections on our TV lately, has prompted me to do some reading, & this is what I am reading today.  What an inspiration – what truth – what grace – how sad it is as humans we feel compelled to extinguish the brightest lights. 


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  1. I dropped the ball for a few days and hadn’t stopped in to see what you are up to. I’ve enjoyed playing “catch up”. Love the pears.
    That potato sounds pretty good although I’m not totally sure about the coleslaw…..but hey, I’m game !!

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