food, glorious food!


012 - what I ate for dinner webBOTH my 'catch up' challenge (I am up to no. 14 now – only about 180 to go!! LOL!!) and my current challenge for drawing today is FOOD.  The catch-up was to draw what you had for dinner – YUM – BBQ chicken fillets with pesto & mango & red pepper salad with my FAMOUS salad dressing.  The NEW challenge was to draw a baked potato – dressed however you liked it.  Potatoes are not really one of my fav. foods – childhood food trauma – but on an odd occasion (maybe once a year) out at community festivals or occasionally if I am in the inner city – I will have a baked potato with all the trimmings. 194---baked-potato-web Just drawing this & then writing about it makes my mouth water………I SO wish I wasn't a foodie – OH MY GOODNESS – I just can't pick one fav. food – I like so much – I swear I am destined to be fat forEVA!  Being the obsessive person that I am, I would probably have another vise anyway – I'll just enjoy the journey! (oh – and the food, LOL!!!)


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  1. Sent you an email about your fab drawings….. I am thinking I have the wrong email address since I swapped computers. Did you get it?

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