Star Cross’d Lovers


Star-Cross'd-Lovers-webahhhhhh….paint – glorious paint!  It was nice to get into some yesterday & as I haven't had a chance to get my RR journal off yet, I thought I'd do some more work toward it.  These are my 'Star Cross'd Lovers' Romeo & Juliet – Romeo looks a lot more efeminite than I had planned – but I haven't had a whole lot of practice with boys – in my mind, I was imagining a bit more 'swarthy' European looking, not really this wilting flower - I think he looks a bit teenage 'girly' – but that's how he is for now.  Star-Cross'd-Lovers-front-w I adore this braid that I found, & it was perfect tones to include in this piece & my newly carved stamps from last week worked a treat on the backFamily-Crest-web.   I used my sewing machine to stitch a pattern down the edges in black thread, which compliments the stitching & the hair & brings it all together nicely.  I STILL have such a long way to go with my faces.  This is the book I am working with at the moment & am finding it pretty helpful.  The book is VERY well presented, & I particularly like how it breaks down each part of the face in detail, so that you can really understand the composition & shading detail.  It's just one of those ones that you need to sit with & I haven't had a lot of time to do that lately.  

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