pardon me – I’m a fan of Black!


It is VERY possible that after reading THIS post & watching the U-Tube – you might think that I need a brain transplant!!!

The thing is - I was born & bred on 'the man in black' so when I saw this I really laughed out loud – what a hoot!  I just wanted to share it with you for a laugh!  
On with the ART – here are my next daily challenges – A Hand or Hands & Eye or Sun Glasses.    It was with MIXED feelings that I handed back The Princess today – my Tour of fulltime Nonna Duty is over.  I have spent the afternoon cleaning, clearing & decluttering all of the 'toddler' paraphenalia that just happens along the way. (My DH loves having the grandies here, but he hates 'baby stuff' everywhere, so I am quick to clear it once they go) 

I have been pretty limited to drawing the last few weeks, so I am really looking forward to getting my hands in some paint tomorrow.  Tonight I am just regrouping, getting a handle on where certain projects are at & making an Art 'TO DO' list for the week…. I am looking forward to a little solitude & days that are not regulated around naps & meal times.  It's been a special time – lovely & I am really glad to have had this time with her.

There's a bit of a story to the 'hand' pic as I am one of those directionally challenged people that doesn't know my left from right.  I can already hear you laughing!  It's absolutely TRUE!!!  I cannot instinctively tell you which is left or right or veer in that direction when driving.  My husband & children have made fun of me for years, but it all started way back when I began primary EDM #10 handschool (?elementary school? – anyways about 5 yo) I was born left handed.  The thinking at the time (WHAT were they thinking!) was that this was a disability & needed to be trained out of a child!  I endured all kinds of things like having one hand tied to my desk, ruler on the knuckles, hand bandaged behind my back, etc, til I was 'trained' not to use my left hand.  Now I am mostly right handed – there are things I do with either hand – but very little that I ONLY do with my left hand.  This is ALL a bit Draconian for the liberal & inclusive method of today's class room – and no, I didn't go to any wierd, obscure school – just  a plain ol' public school in a Melbourne suburb.  About 5 years ago I had a client that was about my age & had suffered the same fate & had the same problem.  He was a doctor!  It's just one of those odd quirky things about me.  Anyways I have a scar in the 'web' between my left thumb & forefinger – a legacy of a childhood bug catching incident.  Whenever I have that scary disorienting feeling of not knowing left from right – this is my reference point & I feel my hand – visualize the incidence & then am able to know left or right.

The challenge that followed was to draw either eye or sun glasses.  I have several of those generic purchase 'x level magnification' type of eye glasses which I wear most of the time I am on the computer, drawing or reading.  I have pictured them here, folded over one of the books I have been reading lately on watercolour techniques by Claudia Nice……


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  1. Wow! You really brought back memories. My sister, Kathy, went through that leftie experience while being schooled by the nuns in Catholic school. I didn’t realize it also happened in public school.
    I, too, have several pairs of x magnification glasses around the house. One pair is at the computer, one pair is on the crossword puzzle clipboard in the living room, one pair is in my handbag so that I can read when shopping or eating out.
    Maybe we are twins separated at birth? Maybe you are my 14th sibling and our house couldn’t accommodate any more than 14 children????LOL, ROFL
    On a serious note, I “heart” your blog.

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