What’s in a Name


Here is a watercolour that I completed late last week for my 'Bard of Avon' art journal – which has really evolved into a Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare theme – Shakespeare as a whole was just bigger than Ben Hur – & it was too hard to encapsulate well – so I have parred it down to only my 'star crossed lovers'. 
What's-in-a-name-webI am kinda jumping all over the show with my art at the moment – and it is mostly because I am caring for our 2 yo Princess full time.  I am able to sketch when I watch a Barbie Fairytopia (her fav) movie with her …….HEY – don't knock Barbie – I am getting heaps out of the 'fantasy' element of the screen art!……..I am not getting MUCH time to paint, as when ever I do, despite me setting her up with her own painting, she randomly feels the need to do an 'artistic shwoosh' of whatever she is using – across whatever I am working on.   Joyful – but trying!  Sufficient to say – it's a little awkward…….that's ok – it is a time that is also made up of moments that cannot be measured by art or time or money.  Today, I witnessed her praying for the first time.  Usually when we put her down to sleep, she says – 'Pray Me,' which means 'pray with me', or 'for me' – but today she said to me 'Ellie pray Nonna' – I wept as I listened to a two year old's simple prayer.  What a joy – an irreplaceable, Ephemeral Moment – one that I witnessed alone & will be in my heart forever.  Tomorrow is a big day – I will have BOTH of my 2 yo grandbabies for the day – from 6am - SO – betta get some shut eye! 


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