more drawing


    Here are some more of my 'EveryDay' Drawings.  Challenge #3 is a handbag & handbags are really not very prominant in my life – so I have done a section of a 003-handbag-webbag, off to the side with lots of negative space to suggest it's unimportance in my life.  My precious DIL LURVES them!  I AM actually QUITE fussy about my handbag – but in a more practical sense.  I hate too many fiddly bits on or in them.  I have managed with a little one about 6" square with a long shoulder strap so that it can go right over my torso when I am travelling.  In the last couple of years I have had to graduate to a bigger sized bag & it has killed me!!!  With age has come the need for specs – the purse that I bought at that time as a replacement – was just that bit bigger – I like to take my ipod with me - just recently - I have added a moleskin watercolour book & a travelling watercolour set – I swear that by the time I am sixty I will be carrying a carpet bag!!! So much for handbags being irrelevant in my life.  I have been going to make some forever….I have been spoilt & had my sewing machine set up for much of my life, now it is packed away & it's a bit more of a big deal to get it out & get it set up & then pack it all up……it's either paper or fabric in my studio & I am hooked on paper – fabric is a bit of a thing of the past (how LAZY am I!!!) so I don't get around to much sewing.  Perhaps this will change in the future, when I move into my bigger studio and have space for it to be set up.004-mug-or-cup-web

both of these drawings are rendered with watercolour pencils & chalks & fine ink pen.

The next challenge was to draw a cup or a mug & anyone who knows me well knows how much I am wedded to my stainless steel 'Starbucks' mug!  It's fabulous.  I don't leave home without it.  It's not really a themos as such, but it keeps coffee hot for about 1.5 hours.  The BEST thing for a cluts like me is that even with the top open – if you tip it over, not much spills out.  I am SO predictable as spilling drinks in my studio that I had to institute a RULE FOR MYSELF!!!! no drinks in the studio!  This cup solves ALL my problems and the text on this page reads 'IN OUR HOUSE, COFFEE is the language of love… is the story…….The 'box' looking thing in the background is a hand coffee grinder.  This old wooden coffee grinder was bought from Solvenia in 1954 on the migrant ship with my parents-in-law when they migrated to Australia.  We have been married 28 years & from my earliest recollection of my parents-in-law home was his father grinding coffee beans in it to make fresh coffee.  When my father-in-law died of cancer in 1990, his mother gave my husband the coffee grinder (it is a bit hard to turn &; unwieldy for a lady to manage well).  Anyway, every morning I wake to my Starbucks mug sitting on the bench in the kitchen, filled with beautiful fresh coffee my hubby has made for me before he goes to work.  In the evenings, it is his labour of love – I always want one……sometimes he can't be bothered after his work day – but he usually does it just for ME!  We hope to pass this to our son one day.


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