a little light on the subject


002-lamp-web  As I suspected, I really haven't had a lot of time for art – or anything much, looking after The Princess.  She is not settling that well at night & although I can exist on not much sleep, constantly interrupted sleep is a whole other thing – and the days are a bit of a blur.  DH has moved to the lounge just to get some sleep.  In between it all, I am trying to complete some accounting bookwork that my brain just does not understand.  The mental & emotional challenges of the last months have turned my brain to mush – and literally there are days that I struggle to even sign my name. My solace is a brush & pencils – I don't even feel like smooshing in paint & anyone that knows me well sees that as a sign of problems.

Image:Tifftree.JPGThis is the next drawing challenge – to draw a lamp.  As this is draw with watercolour pencils, it looks a little washed out.  It isn't as dull as this in real life – but it isn't as vibrant as these were.  These lamps were some of the signature work of Louis Comfort Tiffany who worked from late Victorian through Art and Crafts to the Art Nouveau period. (approx 1870 – 1920) Tiffany's main inspirations were nature & the female form.  Both organic in shape, they led to complex & colourful finished works.  (this is one of his painted windows) As a mad keen fan of 'Antique Roadshow', Tiffany features every now & then on the show & every time I see a peice of his work, I feel inspired – there is just such beauty even in everyday things from this era.  These were SUCH beautiful pieces of art – I wanted to capture it in my little drawing book.


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