Jenny Wren


Jenny-Wren-web My face of the day today is called Jenny Wren.  Jenny Wren is a pet name of a friend of mine who I don't see a whole lot of anymore.  I have been thinking of her recently as her birthday is coming up next week…and then, with out consciously doing it – this drawing looks remarkably like her.  There is a scripture that says 'from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks' well I think that 'from the abundance of my heart' – my pencils have spoken!  Thanks Jen for being in my life line in a watershed moment.Friends  Below are a couple of friends you might like to use for your artworkGarreta_Raimundo_De_Madrazo_y_La_Toilette


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  1. I love the shape of her eyes. Just gorgeous! Are you using a tortillion to do your shading? You’ve created such a nice shadow on either side of her nice, giving it a beautiful three dimensional feel.

  2. How odd….. I just put your blog into my new Google rss reader and up popped your recent post! I probably would have missed it otherwise.
    Nice drawing…… nice things you say….. I hope to resemble your remarks:)
    Your drawings are coming along awesomely (is that a word?).

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