Talk about inspired!


Birth-of-Christ-Lk Regardless of what your beliefs are, you MUST click here  & see what I have discovered today.  Thanks to Danny Gregory for his original post on this…. today I learned that, for the first time since the refinement of movable type in Germany about 1450 AD & the subsequent printing of the 'Gutenberg Bible' approx 1455 AD that a team of artisans have created a fully hand scribed, illuminated Bible called 'The Saint John's Bible'.  The artists are known as 'The community of The Saint John's Bible', & are located in a scriptorium in Monmouth, Wales – the headquarters are at Saint John's University in central Minnesota. It was created under the direction of Queen Elizabeth II's own scribe – Donald Jackson.  Oh MY GOODNESS – the pages & illustrations are TOTALLY amazing…..this one (from the site) is depicting Christ's birth – you can just see it oozing beauty of meaning in its wealth of layers.  As you would expect some of the world's finest 'hands' have been penning this work & every page is a wonder to behold – go – look – you will not be disappointed.

Acts-frontispiece-and-incip The work was being created using all natural handmade inks, gold leaf & hand-ground pigments, on vellum.  Of course the artists are using quills to create the thousands of pages. I am told it is even be available to the masses (you know – ordinary folks like you & me – well me, you're not ordinary) - for the incredibly reasonable price of $145,000 USD per copy! I hope to buy some 'gift cards' LOL!

Some of the art was exhibited earlier this year at the Phoenix Museum.  The pics from this exhibit are actually better than the official site.

This article has a lot more info on the project & details of it's execution & you can view the timeline here.
For the calligrapher's among us – and anyone who is fascinated by this form of art – you'll love spending some time here.

I drew 3 faces today – my first one was quite black, in fact, mostly black & I don't want to show it to you.  The second one was dark & shadowed & this one, called 'Sad Eyes', was the third one.  I thought that if I just kept at it I'd work through the dark & that Iight & sunshine would eventually come – but not today – perhaps tomorrow.


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