not sleeping


It’s 2am and I am not sleeping – I know I should be – with a energetic 2 yo that will be awake in only a couple of hours, but once my sleep is disturbed, I find it so hard to get back to sleep – then I will be ready to sleep, just as she is ready to get up – body clocks are such wierdFhllayeredcolourweb things.  I managed to get a little art done during the evening – these are the beginnings of a set of 3 (12 x 20") canvases. These look a little wierd at the moment, they are just ‘shapes & tones’ at the moment – mid process & are titled Faith, Hope & Charity.   I am doing an online course at the moment  & we are working with stick figures!  Yep, you got it – stick figures!  I thought they were leading to a ‘face of the day’, but not so far and it has been quite a few days since I have done one!  Actually – they are ‘masked off’ spaces where the ‘figure’ is going to be – so I am hoping at the end they don’t still look like stick figures!  The strong red ‘blobs’ in the lower areas of the first one will be Solomon_abraham_the_acolytepoppies (for remembrance) when fleshed out………… the patch of colours at the bottom of the tree in the middle one are autumn leaves & Charity has a mountain & what started out as a row of trees, but will probably end up as bushes behind her. (I was trying to convey love directed outward)

Solomon_abraham_by_the_seaside_2 Today’s copyright free images come from the artist English Pre-Raphelite artist – Abraham Solomon who lived from 1842 – 1864.


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