Schedules & Daylight Savings


Cassatt_mary_little_girl_in_a_big_sWell it’s a bit of an adjustment having a 2 year old full time again and just to complicate matters, this weekend has been the beginning of daylight savings for us in the East of Australia….. so the routines for toddlers all over are out of kilter.  As I have NO art to show you…..I thought I’d share some more of my royalty free images with you…… from the beautiful work of American print maker Mary Cassatt (pron – ‘ca-SAHT’). (1844 – 1926)  I chose this work in particular as Cassatt mostly used mothers & children as her subjects, creating images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between them.  She lived much of her Cassatt_mary_the_childs_bathadult lifetime in France.  She developed connections with Degas & eventually exhibited with other Impressionist painters. I adore the delicacy that she captures and the ‘chubby’ softness of babies’ cheeks & bottoms….. just so cute & edible!!!

I am aware that  kind of unintentionally, the flavour of my blogCassatt_mary_little_girl_in_a_large has changed a bit over the last few months.  Firstly because I have been exploring some new techniques and mediums, but secondly as I have had some significant life challenges that have caused some changes in my day to day circumstances, where I am personally & how I am relating to day to day life.  It’s the interplay of life & art – I think I discussed this some time back – there are times that I think I would perhaps like to create some sort of socially palatable (?sp) & commercially viable art, however my art comes from my soul & it inevidably expressed where I am mentally & emotionally when it is being created.  It translates into the scale & style I create in, colours I choose to work with, the imagery I use or paint on that particular day – but it is always telling a story……’s what my art is about – it’s telling story.  Rarely to I add together a collection of unrelated matter……….. in fact, there is usually even significance in the small things…’s just that I don’t always go to the trouble of explaining it all……… ok………so what am I RABBITTING on about here????  Some days I paint, somedays I scrap or collage, some days I fossick around all the thrift shops, some days I journal, some days I sew, most days I cry. I am spreading my wings Ca0pibs5 a little & starting a couple of new things…….the first is already up running……….. Embrace the Face……it’s a challenge blog dedicated to those who are working at creating painted faces in their artistic compositions.  Our second challenge, titled: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ is underway & there has been a good response.  Secondly, in the near future, I am going to start an art journalling site.  I am attempting to guage response on frequency & format…… and have thought that perhaps I will just keep working through my journals & if I have people who join in, well & good & if I don’t that’s fine too.  If you have any thoughts on an art journalling site, I’d be happy to hear from you.


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  1. I have really been wanting to create a personal art journal but I don’t know where to start! Plus, I think about all the other commitments I have and I worry that I won’t have the time required to devote to this kind of project. But I really do think I NEED to do this to find artistic growth and if I was going to following anyone’s prompts for this type of project, it would be YOURS =)

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