A little ray of Sunshine


It is totally possible that over the next three weeks my posts will become a little Elizaveta_bem__postcard4sporadic……..because late this afternoon – our 2 yo princess arrives for a stay for three with  Nonna & Poppa while mummy does her last block placement for her course.  Babysitting is a little more involved now with a toddler, as we now are constantly on the move, into everything & needing to be occupied…….. every second sentance out of her mouth is ‘What Karl_friedrich_schinkel__portrait_oyou doing Nonna/Poppa’ which sounds incredibly cute when you hear it for the first or second time, but after you here it 20 times in the first hour you have her – you soon tire of it.  Despite all discouragement otherwise – she is writing & drawing on everything…… and frequently slams the door after her when she enters a room, then bangs on the door to come out. STILL – she is our precious treasure & there will be lots of special moments & I love being so involved in her life.  I will be arting & catching up when I can….if you right click these images, you can save them to use them in your art.  They are copywrite free.


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  1. Good luck with the Princess, she sounds like a little darling! Grandchildren are just the BEST, I have 4, all girls, and they are my crowning achievement.
    Thanks for the free images, they are beautiful.
    Regards Lucy

  2. Just treasure this time with her and plan things that she likes to do. It will make the time so much more fun. Remember, they grow up so very fast – and you will soon look back and wish you had these days again. When I have my little grandchildren, I don’t plan anything for myself while they are here, then if I do get a few minutes to do my own thing, it is a bonus. šŸ™‚

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