Bird Bath


thanks for all of your encouraging comments about my ‘journal’ post.  BirdbathwebI hope one day to host a ‘journalling’ site – for the moment I want to keep working on creating them – day by day…..and here is the very first page of my new one – it’s for an Art Retreat I am going to next year & the hosts are posting a journal prompt each month & is offering a bag of goodies to the person judged with the ‘best’ (not sure of the criteria) journal – it might be the most popular or something like that.  The first prompt was birds. This little fellow was painted using acrylics & various pens & pencils over the top for detailing of his feathers.  The page joins in the middle of the diamond and I am not quite sure how I am going to bind it yet – jury is still out on that one…..probably Zutter binding or holes – not sure yet. (I have lost a little bit of the bird bath in the ‘stitching’ together of the scans, so it looks a bit skewed)


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