Do you like my hat?


I don’t know if any of you ever feel this way, but some times I feel as though i need a voluminous head dress to keep my head together as it is a risk of bursting with all of the thoughts going ’round & ’round.  Do you like my hat?  My head ornament is the only thing holding my head together – without it – my head will come unravelled!


This page in my journal was inspired by a greeting card I saw in a bookshop over the weekend.  I tried a new technique to create tonal variation & those with formal art training art probably going to go ‘dah’……’you didn’t know that???’….but I solidly underpainted it all before I started painting in the features.  On the RHS of the spread, I painted with Golden’s Diox Purple (which is almost black) from the centre to the middle of the nose I used Golden’s Phthalo Blue, & from the bridge of the nose to the LHS, I used Golden’s Red Oxide.  I let it completely dry.  THEN I commenced to paint it as though I had a blank white page spread before me, using the tones & colours I was going to anyway.  In real life, it does look a bit richer & deeper than if I had just painted the colours straight on – & there is lots of layered tones – esp. in the hat.


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