Feathered Friends


Featheredfriendsweb this is another snippet for my ‘Bard of Avon’ Journal….this one is two friends comparing notes on feathers!  I am experimenting a bit with inks at the moment – with varied results – good & bad – but I am pushing through – convinced that quitting in the middle of creating reinforces my internal critic who is saying – I can’t do it – it’s not good enough – I am not a real artist.  By completing the piece – I silence my internal critic – weakening my fear, my doubt, my disbelief in myself.  Granted – it’s not always work that I am proud of, but as I always say – you never know when you start to create a piece whether this is the one that is your Mona Lisa!  I have folded just to the left of the image so that I can add something here later – this project is evolving as I go along, so there is not alot of structure to what I am creating.


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