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I have had a flat couple of days, but had the chance to catch up on some Wardrobeoptionsclosedweb domesticity…. always good for the soul!!!!  (when my world is chaos, I create order by cleaning!)  I have been doing a bit of research for my new journal & have decided that the idea of random page sizes is really appealing to me.  I have gotten out my box of watercolour paper scraps (off cuts from cutting pages/ATC’s to size) & am using them to create all kinds of interesting bits.  I re-watched Romeo & Juliet (the Baz Lurhman version) & realized that I could do a whole journal just on that play/film alone – there is so much in it.  I was aware of Shakespeare in big picture terms, but I discovered there was so much that I had no idea of.  Like – he often featured birds in his writings – but his favoured bird was the swan because of it’s grace & form.  Did you know that his plays have been translated into EVERY major living language and are performed more than any other playwrite ever???  ‘The Bard’ is widely regarded as the the English national poet – that his surviving works (there are perported to be more writing that has not survived time & passage) include: 154 sonnets; 38 plays; 2 narrative poems as well as several other poems.   WOOOOW – what a feat!!!  BUT the kicker is that the majority of it was completed in just 23 years – between 1590 – 1613. 

The other interesting thing that I have discovered is just how much of our modern day coloquialisms come from Shakespearian verse…..

‘To be, or not to be:………..(is the question). Hamlet

‘I must be cruel, only to be kind.’ Hamlet

‘It was Greek to me.’ Julius Ceasar

‘In the twinkling of an eye’ Merchant of Venice

I could bore you for ever on these – there were 100’s…….interesting to trace the source of our language…….

Wardrobeoptionsopenweb this is the ‘page’ folded open.  it’s a bit of a trick on the eye, which looks better in real life – the lines are all matched to join up.

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