A Hug from a Tree


TreewebSeeing the spring sunshine dappled through the branches of trees waking up from winter – it is hard to be too sad.  It is said that ‘Time heals all wounds’ however – I think that bright sunshine, baby birds, buds bursting with blossoms & a 2 year old ‘chirping’ around your feet in the garden go a long way.  I started this page three days ago & it sat for a couple of days with the tree, the gardener & her hat & watering can & a big empty space in the middle – now the VERY gorgeous Abby would tell me this was a good thing – to embrace the negative space, however, it seemed VACANT as opposed to ‘negative’.  I came across this quote today & it was just what it needs to balance it out…..It reads…..’alone with myself, the trees bend to caress me.  The shade hugs my heart.  Having spent the morning weeding under my beautiful weeping Japanese Maple, that is about the shape in the journal page – that seemed very appropriate for the page.Crimson_queen_japanese_maple

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  1. I love your girl~! I agree with Karin – a bit haunting, but almost like she USED to be totally stressed and has come to the tree to sit and get cumfy and force herself to relax.
    I love it.

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