This ‘Village at Sunset’ pages is what I created for Jenene’s ‘Backyard Chook Shed’ Journal & they were inspired by the lovely work that comes from the country style of Lang Graphics – I bought their calendars for years during my ‘country phase’ through the 90’s & always loved the rich colours & naive style of capturing shapes.Sunsetinthevillagelhsw Sunsetinthevillagerhsw I have primarily used watercolour crayons & pastels – which was a bit ambitious considering that Jenene is the most fabulous watercolourist – it is MEANT to look primative though – not so realistic – that’s my saving grace!  I have then used line work to add in detail. I have a fair bit of journal work coming up now – I will have a new journal project each two weeks – so there will be various pages of random subjects pop up.  Last night, while I was waiting for this to dry, I started working on some ‘fairy pages’ for the next lot of tip in journal pages due at the end of the month for Linda… they are the next thing that I will be working on.

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