In B & W


Ignoringsignsofspringwe_2 Windsofchangeweb these are the last in B & W now – I have swapped over to drawing on to watercolour paper – which is able to be rendered.  I just wanted to do some more practising  so that I wasn’t wasting such expensive paper – but then some of these – I would have liked to paint – but the paper is not good enough & even if I drew them again – it wouldn’t be the same.  The first one is called… Ignoring the Signs of Spring – which is where I am at right now – dispite the beauty around me – I can’t breath.  The second one is called ‘Buffeted by the Winds of Change’…. no explanation needed there.


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  1. Keron, your “Winds of Change” piece is really well drawn, and I love the message. Isn´t it good to have art to express yourself when you´re feeling bad?

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