you are so kind


thank you again, your messages, emails & comments have been lovely – really warming Fragileweb_2 my heart & have made me feel loved & supported the world over – it is really special that so many of you have taken the time to write to me…… thank you again & again Carolweb– you don’t know how much it has meant to me to read them when I have been feeling flat. (which is most of the time at the moment) – I am told that if I am breathing – I am doing ok – I have had the Princess today and who can be flat with a starry eyed 2 yo Princess begging you ‘amp Nonna’ (which is ‘Stamp’ – last week when she visited I introduced her to the wonders of stamping – with her own set of wood mounted butterflies – perhaps the world’s youngest stamper!)

Dispite not really feeling up to chatting – I have been scribbling away at some faces – nothing wonderful – and a bit souless – but I guess as long as I am drawing, I am making progress. Princessweb 


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  1. I am really in awe of these faces… just look at how far you’ve come! But I cannot agree with your soulless comment when I look at the third girl – she’s amazing and you can almost see her soul in those deep eyes. Such incredible detail!

  2. Keron, your faces are stunning, well done for persevering and practising, I am not so disciplined and organised as you are, something to really envy. I am glad you are beginning to feel better, it’s not easy to overcome such loss.

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