Life with a Princess


Theprincessweb_2 Our daughter is coming to the end of her course and has a whole lot of homework, on top of classes & practical placement days (she is training to be a childcare worker) & so I am babysitting a real lot at the moment……… I have a day’s ‘respite’ today, inbetween babysitting days – this week it’s Mon, Wed & Fri – so my ‘art’ wings are severely clipped………… this is all leading up to a stint of 3 weeks of full time caring – hmmm… THAT will be fun!!! (I jest – at two, though totally gorgeous, ‘The Princess’ is a bit more of a handful now)……. so I perceive a sojourn in ‘arting wilderness’ coming up!  I sketched these yesterday from real life – TOTALLY didn’t get the shape of her face & head right when she was asleep – here she is holding her little ‘Rosy Monkey’  – a ‘softie’ that I made her last year that has become one of her favs. 

I couldn’t really say that the other one has really captured HER per se – but at least it looks like a child – unlike the other one that looks a little more like a mongoloid doll head!!!…… Img_0849_resizehere she is playing her favourite game after a nappy change – tickle ‘belly but’  no, not a typo – did you know you had a belly but?????  No, well, after a nappy change, and sometimes after a bath, EVERYONE in the room’s ‘belly but’ is explored for a tickling!  it’s really quite funny. 

Then of course there are always pleasures that I wouldn’t normally fuss about for myself – but ANYTHING for my little Princess……. pancakes with two of her most favourite things in the world (apart from Barbie & Cheese that is!) – storbees & ogrt (strawberries & yogurt for those uninitiated in 2yo speak!)


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  1. I love storbees! Here my girls called them sterble-barbies! They are still just sweet, as are the drawings of your Princess! I love the way you have captured those 2 yr old mannerisms. True to life!

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