Life in black, white & grey


Facialfeatures2web      Facialfeatures1web_2PensivewebUnsureweb HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the Aussie dads out there – I hope you have had a good day.  Although I have neglected you, and not posted the last few days – I have been busy, busy, busy practising my faces everyday – but only in pencil.  As these are all only on cartridge paper – I probably won’t render them at all, as the paper doesn’t stand being wet that well.  I have been doing lots of babysitting duty of the Princess, which makes extended studio time difficult, & especially painting with acrylics, cos once they are mixed, you really need to keep working, as they dry out moderately quickly.  Although all of these drawings have been done by me – the idea for some of the compositions were not all mine as I have copied hair styles & clothing styles from other artists.  I have really struggled to come up with something whimsical – FAR to serious a time in my life for fluff I think – but that’s ok – it’s all just practise!  As I said, I wasn’t very happy with my last journal page, & so it has been good to have a few days break from it… but now I have an idea burning that I am keen to explore. It’s late here now & the Princess is due to arrive at 5.45am (a long day for us both)…… I am off to the land of nod – it’s good to sleep every now & then!

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  1. Hey Keron,
    Congrats on teaching at Art Journey Retreat in Narrabeen next year! I was there for Michael De Meng’s workshop and the space is fantastic, spartan bedrooms, but the scenery and peace is divine. Lots of good natural light too. Will be skulking about you blog from now on. Cheers, grrl+dog

  2. hi, I just found your blog and your amazing art!!! this is beautiful! it made me travel back to 20 years ago when I sat through Science class in 8th grade watching movies about animals, and my hands would just doodle on my notebook. What did I draw?? faces, eyes, noses, beautiful mademoiselles. wow!! I got to try this again. 🙂 What are you drawing on??? what are these books?? are you using paint, watercolors, pens??? oh, please tell!!! thanks and God bless your beautiful and talented hands. 🙂

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