House of Dreaming


Img_0838_resizeOMG this page was beastly!  It was one of those ones that just didn’t come together well – the sketch was fine & I was happy with the initial composition – but when it came to painting it in – it was just one of those things that the more I painted the worse it got!  I was inspired by the lovely murky lavender grey/mauve/blues in these paper flowers I picked up somewhere & attempting to get over my ‘blue’ phobia – I thought I’d make a dark blue sky – it evolved into blue/black & ended up very black!  This dear woman’s cloak has been green, blue, white, black AND purple trying to get a rubbed back, distressed look – I had about 3 gel transfers that didn’t work – the one that is on the moon is sort of there & sort of not – I JUST WANTED TO TURN THE PAGE OVER in the end – where as the page before, I wanted to keep adding to it – becaue I was really liking how it was looking. The door looks good!  I used interference blue and pearl paint on the moon & that looks great.  I haven’t used the interference paints on black before, but it really looks good – great colour for night scenes.  ANYWAYS – turning the page – I am looking for a totally different inspiration today – but I think I will probably get back in my comfy corner & it will be a page with green on it!!! LOL!!!

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  1. The struggle you describe certainly doesn’t come through on the page – I love your work! Not sure how I got here, from one person’s blog to another, but I’m glad I did!! Rich pages of artistry and wonder…

  2. Wow Keron you have been busy!!! Your journal pages and faces are fantastic…you certainly have been practicing (something I need to do more of).
    The birdie ATC’s you made are simply beautiful (and I am a little biased towards birdies).
    Belated Happy Birthday…seems your birthday is the day after my husbands. I hope you had a very special day with your family and friends.
    Jacky xox

  3. Good on you for not giving up Keron! One can always learn from trying to resurrect something you’re not totally happy with in the beginning….sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but usually even picking up one little bit of knowledge makes it all worthwhile. LOVE how the moon looks and yep, gotta love those interference paints on dark colours….yummo!

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