The Dream Keeper


Thedreamkeeperweb This is PAGE 1 of the ensemble I have been working on…..although the painting is finished, the page structure is still under construction.  I have torn back the corner of the first page to have ‘The Dream Keeper’ watching over the one ‘In Dreams’ … For the moment I have laid a lazer cut flower sheet between the pages……. this is kind of mimicking bedding or a bedroom dressing screen – it’s not wonderful & it is really difficult to effectively add in as a page – so I am still nutting this out – I am going to have to leave it & come back to it.  I have tried lace, gauze, sheer fabrics, vellum – & none of these work – it is seen both sides, so it really needs to be something that looks good both ways…….. Does anyone have any other ideas?  The challenge – composition wise – is that the ‘white/pale’ face is too much of a contrast next to the deep colours on the preceeding page & you totally ‘loose’ my lovely Dream Keeper.  The other challenge is that I would probably prefer to ‘machine sew’ in something, but that just is not possible with the book dimensions as they are & it being already bound…….. Thinking cap on…. suggestions welcome.


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  1. I picture a transapency page, but with old, murky, English Castles. Don’t know if this is something that goes with the “picture in your head”, but I think castles could be used to take it in a lot of different directions.
    But I agree with Connie, I like it!

  2. What about a lacey print tranparency page? You could make it look like a curtain in any pattern you choose, and could print it in any color if you have a printshop program that you could create digital scroll work.

  3. Keron, I was just chatting with Beckie and telling her about your page…and suggesting printed vellum for your page…and she said she had already commented. Anyway, I have some printed vellum with a small leafy pattern that might work if you are interested.

  4. I think it’s lovely. There’s a lot of detail in this picture… I love all the little words and phrases throughout and how you captured the moonlight shining on the back of your dreamkeeper. I think the laser-cut page looks neat but maybe you just don’t like the design? Or you could try printed vellum…something with a design that matches the look and feel of your page.

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