In Dreams


Indreamsrhsweb_2 this is the first installment of my next page ensemble….it involves the story of one page blending into the second page & THIS IS the second page.  I haven’t quite worked out how I am going to do it yet, as some of this will be covered up, but I don’t want to 1. loose too much of this painting (titled: In Dreams) or 2. Reduce the size of my page before it…….my initial thoughts were a pocket – now I am not sure quite how I am going to integrate the two without compromising one or the other…….ok – this is sounding a bit wierd – you will understand more later……. I LOVED doing this face – compared to the work I have been doing lately where I am blending, blending, blending trying to obscure any variance in the shading lines, here, I have almost made a feature of the different tones, & my ‘sleeping beauty’ is a little ‘primative’, but in a good way.  Of course, taking out one of the really complex elements of the face (eyes) made it much quicker to do.  I really labour over the eyes usually, so with her asleep – this came together easily!!! LOL!! ….hopefully I will have some ‘museful’ ideas today & be able to keep working on it as I probably won’t get too much done tomorrow –  I have ‘The Princess’ all day from 6am while her mum works through the day & then all night as it is ‘mum’s’ birthday & she is going out with friends…………and at TWO – she is ALL GO, GO, GO!!


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  1. Hi Keron
    Thought I would pop over and visit your blog. I think you are doing a wonderful job with painting your faces. And can see how they are developing.
    This one is beautiful.
    Hope you are well and happy.
    Kind regards

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