didn’t I just see that?


yes – yes you did – but whenever I create some art for someone else’s journal, I like to make the same page for myself in one of my own journals……usually I create it in my journal FIRST, as a try out because I want to work out the composition before I work in someone else’s book, but in this case, it was for a tip in journal – so the pages were separate peices, so there was no pressureAngelsweb to get it right the first time…….due to the difference in dimensions, the scale & the angel herself is totally different…… the page below is only 8inches square, where as my page is almost 12 inches tall & that makes a difference in what shape you can fit in the space….mind you, I don’t think that she looks that friendly…… this angel is a sentinal – so I want her to be serious!!!! LOL!!!  I used a Golden ‘luminescent gold’ ground on this & Tim Holtz Crackle paint (frayed burlap) over it.  Her hair is gold & there is gold stamping & gold leaf on her robe.

I have drawn in the next page – called The Dream Keeper……(AND – have done a sketch for the last page – I just had this idea that would be a great one for ‘closure’…..so I have sketched it in, but when I get to it – I may like to do something different – I do want the END to be the last thing I do – so that I do have a sense of closure to the journal & the feelings & processes I have gone through creating it).  ‘The Dream Keeper’ is a really complicated page…….so it is taking me several days to get it happening.  Yesterday, I sketched it in & outlined it last night….  I am hoping to at least get the ‘ground’ in today & work on some of the detail…..I have a Mona Lisa feeling about this creation…….it is coming together nicely……. I might give you a progress shot later – but then – it MIGHT be a mucking fess then – & this might just be a deluded euphoria before it looks ordinary!  Actually, now that I have written that – I think I might just take a pic of it in it’s current state, so I can remember this sensation!!! LOL!!!

I am about to recieve the VERY lovely Jenene’s ‘Backyard Chook Shed’ Journal which is really exciting.  (BTW – HAPPY BIRTHDAY J – have a good one!) This is another of last years RR journals that I am doing an extra page in.  Animals are a ‘different’ topic for me – I am really looking forward to painting a deep russet rooster or doing something whimsical……should be good fun!


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