He Gives His Angels


I am over yesterday’s rant – thanks for your support on that one!  BUT NO, my phone situation is NOT resolved – I just couldn’t face another 2 – 3 hour battle on the phone today.  I guess the thing that I was left with was wondering why I felt that I had to justify to some idiot stranger that me being at home & not working is just a temporary situation – that I am actually an interior designer & I will be back in the workforce soon – so YES – I AM a worthwhile member of society!  Silly me.  But, oh have I had fun today – basking in luscious Golden Heavy Bodied Acrylic ‘Iridescent Gold’ – YUM – it is almost edible!He_gives_his_angels_web_2   Due to the scanning process, you don’t see much of the detail in this piece.  The border is created from a vintage bible with verses about angels…. which have a fine coat of gold to make them shimmer – but transluscent enough that you can still read the text if you want to.  The wings are stamped up with Brilliance Pearlescent Beige & the centre section is painted gold, then has Ranger Crackle Paint applied over the top.  The angel’s garment is stamped with Brilliance Galaxy Gold ink.  The face is purposefully a little on the pasty side, & a little chalky looking, in an attempt to create the feel of an old ‘peeling’ icon piece.


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  1. Keron- She is so BEAUTY-FUL! I can only imagine how shimmery she is, and her face is so sweet and inviting. Your girl faces are wonderful, and your little birdies are so precious. It is yet another amazing piece.

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