Who Am I???


I’m not happy.  I have all sorts of phone issues at the moment and sorting them out is a NIGHTMARE. After 2 hours & 28 minutes on ONE SINGLE call, waiting on hold being ferried from department to department – I actually got cut off – they hung up on ME!  This problem has been ongoing & this is about my third attempt to fix it……as I was getting over my incredulity of being cut off after waiting all of that time on the phone – an ad came on for one of the competition service providers.  It was the prompt I needed to investigate changing providers……..anyways – I went through an interim process with them over the phone & when asked my occupation – I had nothing to say – because I am not working outside the home at the moment.  The ***>@?@#>R$ operator THEN said, how old are your dependants, (assuming that if I wasn’t working, I would be home looking after children – does anyone still do that??)………no, I am a Nonna, I assured him – I don’t have dependants – SO – he concluded – YOU JUST DO NOTHING THEN – you are a housekeeper!!!  I have VERY BAD WORDS to say about phone companies today!  OF course I have managed to take out my frustration on my journal!!!!  This is not my ‘soul’ journal – it is my ‘A Time In My Life’ journal, as I thought this page was more appropriate here.Whoamiweb I have cut out silhoettes from all types of paper that is relevant to the occupation of the person & used heads of magazine people….so the chef is cut out of a recipe book page, the builder from some plans, our singer from music, the accountant from a ready reckoner, etc.


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  1. Oh No! Hold your head up and proudly say I AM AN ARTIST, THANK-YOU!
    Thank-you for leaving such a sweet word of encouragement on my blog today. I have been wavering lately in self-doubt over whether it is appropriate to write the way I do for virtual strangers to see. I’ve had serious thoughts of taking the whole thing down and starting over with one that is not so personal. God sent you along with your kind words at just the right time!
    Blessings to you ~ and keep on creating, your work is beautiful and your joy in your family is so evident!

  2. Keron,
    Its unbelievable in the year 2008, people still need to place a person(especially female) in a neat pigeon hole. I say this SUCKS. Perhaps you really need to list your occupation as ARTIST!!

  3. What a most creative idea to dress your people! You are the most ingenious person I know. Your page is Fabulous.
    It takes a lot of sacrifice to be a homemaker, you should never let anyone make you feel inferior for such a noble choice.

  4. That is probably the worst pain to be inflicted on a woman. Makes you just want to reach through the phone and grab them by the throat and SHAKE !!!!!!
    Tomorrow will be better.

  5. That is probably the worst pain to be inflicted on a woman. Makes you just want to reach through the phone and grab them by the throat and SHAKE !!!!!!
    Tomorrow will be better.

  6. How rude! We are not defined by the jobs we do and being a HOMEMAKER is one of the hardest and most honored things that we can be! Do not let stupid people impose their small minded views on you. Your page is terrific… I love the way you made the people =)

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