Keeping Secrets


Whenever I come across a great composite of words – I feel compelled & inspired to create art out of them!  Such was the case when I came across this quote from Kahlil Gibram…. ‘ If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you cannot blame the wind for revealing them to the trees’ …..Now that was JUST begging to be art – what a fabulous quote.Keepingsecretsweb So two things that I was trying to achieve with this face was 1. surprise & 2. that she was talking to the wind…….I used my own face as a model for the nose, but again, I am seeing eyes a bit out of alignment & the mouth is a bit squidgy as well…. after the scan – hmmmm… Beks had the best idea yesterday – it’s the scanner!!! but really – it’s not, I just think that you sometimes get so involved in a work of art that you miss some of the critical detail.  OBVIOUSLY no Mona Lisa’s this week!! LOL!!  I used colourwash ink to create the background & then layered paper napkins over the top….there are about 4 different layers of text stamps to represent secrets told………. my poor girl does look a bit shell-shocked!  Honestly – I couldn’t work this face anymore – you need a trowel to par back the layers of paint I have trying to get the various features right!! LOL!!  A couple of hundred years down the track some art historian is going to be painstakingly pulling back layer after layer, thinking that the world at this time was going through some sort of paper shortage & that I had repainted it over so many times to reuse the same paper!


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  1. PS, she does look surprised to me…and I really love the whole piece. The words in the trees are so clever. AND…as for her eyes not being perfectly the same…no ones are.
    Here is a little exercise to try. Take a picture of almost anyone and cut it in half (digitally), now take another copy and flip it then cut in half. Now put the two halfs that are the same together to make two new people. They will look like siblings, not like the same person. Every time I have done this it is true.
    Also, most people lift one eyebrow, squint or open one eye wider, etc. when smiling or surprised, so you got her just right…very human.

  2. OK, now you have me laughing right out loud! Makes you wonder what historians will really think 200 years from now…will our puny attempts be considered “great masterpieces” or kindling for the fireplace? Will some historian be trashing our projects trying to see what we were hiding under all those layers? Food for thought. Keron, you crack me up. Thanks for the smiles.

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