A World Outside


TheworldoutsidewebMy face of the day today is a pensive girl in her living room.  She is not quite as ‘truncated’ as she looks in this scan…. the scan is missing some of the side of her face in the ‘gutter’ of the book, which makes her look like she is pressing her face on the glass.  I am half way through my journal now & as usual – I have just ‘added’ 3D elements to pages with gay abandon & now it is getting a bit ‘unwieldy’ to manage – a bit difficult to get a clean stamped image – bumps when I am sticking something on (imposible to use a brayer), etc.  Certainly – very difficult to scan.  I may have to resort to photos for some of these middle pages – but they don’t tend to show up the detail very well.  I had fun creating this background – it’s made from watercolour crayons – then I blotted it off with paper towel, which gives an impression of striped wallpaper……then I stamped over it……….her dress is from some lovely fabric that I’ve been keeping for a special project.  I ‘collaged’ her hair by using strips of map, but as it’s tones were orangy, it got lost in her facial tones – so I have darkened it up using walnut ink……..I am still working on refining ‘tones’ of flesh & alignment of features – I am starting to get migration of background paints & colours from page to page as I am working in it – but I am not minding it – each page already has a bit of ‘grunge’ on it & looks a little worn in before I even get started……which is nice…..


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