Who ARE you – REALLY?


I cannot help my art work becoming intensly autobiographical at times, torn between FIRSTLY creating for the sake of the process & the tacit learning that takes place working various materials – understanding how they respond & function mixed on a different substrate or & with an unusual additive…………AND SECONDLY finding a way to express a jumble of feelings that sum up my day & where my heart is…..what art will my soul birth – I am always birthing a creation of sorts – but what sort – is largly reflectant of my thoughts and feelings of the time……..OMG – I swear at times I fit that psycho ‘tortured artist’ profile to a tee.  It’s worrying!  At times I wish I could just create whimsical fluff – but no – everything HAS to MEAN something – tell a story – okay – I confess – I AM sick!!!! – my ‘membership card’ is in the mail……..LOL!!!!  My art, whether I like it or not, comes out of my soul – so one should not be surprised that it echos what’s going on in my head at the time.

Whoareyouweb I am not going to offer any explanation for this page spread – it is what it is – it IS FULL of allogory – from the colours on the page, to the images on the scraps that is the underlying background.  Some of the meanings are deeply veiled (& others not so deeply) – hidden meanings for where I am right now & what I am experiencing in life – but I don’t really want to explain it – some of it is just too personal.  SO – enjoy it or no – it will be gone after a couple of days…….  One of the last journal prompts was to re-use your own artwork – so I have used scans of my ‘face of the day’ works I did while we were away (as these all had no backgrounds) & created ‘people’ with them.  I actually tried various scenarios with them – I first had them as circles & ovals – then cut out the head shapes – & eventually, 3rd time lucky – settled on them being squares & rectangles.  The background is made from scraps of paper worked over with paint & gold leaf.

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  1. I love this post! I have felt the same was for a long time and thought I was some angst filled artist who was depressing!!! thanks for the honesty!! and the great art!

  2. I love that everything has to MEAN something to you. And I so understand that. I also understand just simply not wanting to explain it. To want it to be there, know it was important, but not get into the details. Your work is wonderful and meaningful and lovely!

  3. This is a great piece of art. I love that you re-used other art and all the hidden messages, (that I can’t see). We are so complicated…I love the way you appreciate that about yourself! Roxanne

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