Touch the Earth Lightly


Dragonflyweb this is a simple page in my ‘wonders & beauties’ altered book.  Having said simple – simple page layout – but it took me ages to draw the wings on the LHS of the page…..that is kagillion (I just KNOW that’s a word!!!) little lines & circles!!!  The text on the page is all about dragonflies & there are lovely lines of prose at the top of each page…. & a little more at the bottom – OH no wonder I couldn’t resist this book!  It was begging to be art!!!

‘through croft & pature wet with dew, a living flash of light he flew’  …….divine!

‘The great Dragon=fly with gauzy wings,
In gilded coate of purple, green & brown,
That on broad leaves of hazel basking clings.’

and at the bottom……….

‘The Kingfisher & Dragon-fly
Those bright things that have their glistenings
Where the little steams of light are visiting’

‘Here & there they dart & flash like gleams fo green & azure light’

AND in the process of doing this – I discovered that there is a species of dragonflies called Demoiselles – OMG – what a divine name – it conjured up all kinds of images from fairies to cherub Botticellian babies – before I consciously thought that I wanted this book to be a ‘specimen style/botanical’ look – this little princess appeared at the bottom of the page!  LOL!!!  It goes without saying this page has a liberal dose of moonglow powders – YUM!!!

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